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To All Our Fans
We are so sorry, but due to a saturated parking lot, pit area, and track that is never going to dry enough to race (had 4 inches of rain), even if the upcoming forecast is wrong, we have no choice but to make an early decision about racing this weekend. The Friday, September 23rd race is cancelled, and the September 24th race is being moved to Saturday, October 1st. We will have one (1) final race, not two.

If you have tickets for the Saturday, September 24th race, your September 24th tickets will be good for the October 1st race - you do not need to do anything (Note: You can't use your Friday, Sept 23rd tickets for Oct 1st - they won't scan in). If you can't make the October 1st race, then please contact Ticketmaster directly for a full refund. We do not receive ticket funds until one week after an event is completed and do not have access to process your refund. Your refund, directly from Ticketmaster, could take up to 30 days.

October 1st Race Times
Main Gates Open at 3:00; Hot Laps at 3:30; and Racing Starts at 4:00.
Wind-Up Social: Fans Get Your Tickets
Our Victory Lane Speedway wind-up social will be held on Saturday, November 19th at Red River Community Club (just North of Kildonan Park) on Main St., Winnipeg.
Fans are welcome to attend. You can purchase your $10.00 ticket at the retail building at the top of the hill on October 1st. Cash only please.
Thank You
Victory Lane Speedway