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(El Cajon, CA, September 21, 2022) Fifteen-year-old racing phenom Braden Chiaramonte made his first competitive appearance at Southern California's Perris Auto Speedway last Saturday and he ran roughshod over the competition winning both his heat and the main event in the Lucas Oil POWRi Southwest Lightning Sprint Car Series. The triumph gave him two wins in five starts in the SWLS this year. This week the talented driver is headed to Texas to drive an Outlaw Non-Wing micro in "C. Bell's MICRO MANIA" at the Lil' Texas Motor Speedway.

307645947_5399552343414457_4122898854922681339_n (1).jpg
Braden Chiaramonte after his win in the POWRi Southwest Lightning Sprints Saturday at Perris.

Chiaramonte's participation last Saturday at America's Premiere Dirt Track caught many by surprise. Earlier this year the #73 lightning sprint car he drove in 2021 and at the start of this season was traded for a full-size sprint car. However, when Sexton Gatlin Racing came calling with a seat open in one of its potent cars for Saturday's race, the El Cajon, California teen jumped at the opportunity. His acceptance and the subsequent result ended up being a win for him and the team.Chiaramonte was on the pole in the SGR #3 normally driven by Grant Sexton for the first heat race. As soon as the green flag sent the field on its way, Chiaramonte drove into the lead. The only thing that slowed him was a lap two yellow flag. When the green flag came back out, he simply ran away from the field on the brightly lit half-mile oval. By the time the checkered flag ended the six lapper, he was nearly a half-track ahead of the second-place car.

"It was fun," the well-spoken driver told the crowd from his cockpit after the heat. "I have not been in a lightning sprint for a while, so it was fun to get back in one. The track is fast. You just have to be super smooth and hold it wide open. Whoever is the smoothest is going to be the fastest. I was holding it wide open for most of the track, so I thought I was going to be pretty fast."

An hour and 20 minutes after he won his heat race, the SWLS main event field rolled onto the racetrack. Once again, Chiaramonte was starting on the pole. That was bad news for the remainder of the field. However, when the green lights came on, the car did not get off the corner and Chiaramonte initially slipped back to third. He advanced one spot up to second on lap two and began stalking the leader. The teen closed in on the leader on lap seven and battled with him for six laps before asserting himself and taking the lead on lap 13. As soon as he moved into the top spot, he did the same number on the field as he did in his heat race. He went unchallenged the remainder of the way and won by a full straightaway.

"It was a crazy race," Chiaramonte told the crowd after celebrating the win with a wing dance. "I have got to thank Grant and Brent (Sexton) for letting me run their car. It was all about being smooth. When we got past Dyer (Jeff Dyer who led the first 12 laps) I knew we were going to be good. I knew Seth (crew chief Seth Kramer) had this thing dialed. I want to thank all of them (SGR) for letting me run their car and my mom and dad and everybody else. Hopefully, we can make it to the World of Outlaws one day. I am going to race everything I can get into. We race for the next nine weekends in a row. I am pretty excited about that. We leave for Texas on Monday. Hopefully, we can bring home some hardware from Texas and see what else happens."

After Chiaramonte's interview, gracious second-place finisher Dyer told the crowd, "My car was just really too good too early, It kind of faded on me and he got by me. But that kid is really good. There is no shame to lose to him."

Fans who have a Flo Racing subscription can see a replay of Chiaramonte's impressive night. For those who do not, but would like more information, visit the Flo Racing website at https://www.floracing.com/.

All three nights of this week's "C. Bell MICRO Mania" race will be available to watch live on the Dirt Vision site. All the details are available at https://www.dirtvision.com/. Chiaramonte will be racing in Texas on Friday night. In two practice sessions on Wednesday, he was fifth fastest in his group the first time on the track and third fastest the second time he went out.

Sunday afternoon, Chiaramonte was a guest on the Racer Radio Show. He talked with host Dave Stall about his big win at Perris on Saturday and this week's trip to Texas. You can hear a replay of the show (Chiaramonte comes on at around 24 minutes) at the following link http://www.perrisautospeedway.com/radio22/RACERRADIO220918.mp3.

Chiaramonte would like to thank the following marketing partners for making his 2022 racing season possible. RTL Traffic Control and Equipment Rentals, AM Ortega, Impact Racing, and AIM Sports Data. If you or your company would like to join forces with the fast-rising racing team, please contact Daniel Chiaramonte online at the following link mailto:dchiaramonte@rtltraffic.com or by calling (619) 988-7563.

Braden Chiaramonte 2022 Results

January 1 Tulsa Shootout Stock Non Wings 9th A Main

March 5 Imperial Valley Raceway POWRi Southwest Lightning Sprints 2nd A Main

March 6 Imperial Valley Raceway POWRi Southwest Lightning Sprints 8th A Main

March 25 Bakersfield Speedway California Lightning Sprints 6th A Main

April 16 Bakersfield Speedway USAC Western States Midgets 9th A Main

April 23 Imperial Valley Raceway POWRi Southwest Lightning Sprints 1st A Main

April 30 Barona Speedway POWRi Southwest Lightning Sprints 2nd A Main

May 12 US 24 Raceway All In Transportation A Wingless Clash 13th A Main

May 13 US 24 Raceway All In Transportation A Wingless Clash 16th A Main

May 14 US 24 Raceway All In Transportation A Wingless Clash 5th L.C.Q.

May 21 Ventura Raceway USAC Western State Midgets 7th A Main

June 2 US 24 Raceway Performance Electronics Big Dance 12th A Main

June 3 US 24 Raceway Performance Electronics Big Dance 14th A Main

June 4 US 24 Raceway Performance Electronics Big Dance 8th Qualifier

June 11 Lemoore Jet Bowl Non-Wing Outlaw Micro 4th A Main

June 18 Merced Speedway USAC Western Midgets 10th A Main

July 15 Jefferson County Speedway USAC National Midgets 18th A Main

July 16 Jefferson County Speedway USAC National Midgets 16th A Main

August 4 Indianapolis Motor Speedway USAC National Midgets 5th D Main

August 26 Silver Dollar Speedway Winged 360 Sprint Cars 18th A Main

August 27 Placerville Speedway Winged 360 Sprint Cars 12th B Main

September 17 Perris Auto Speedway POWRi Southwest Lightning Sprint 1st A Main

This release was produced by Scott Daloisio. You can contact him online at mailto:sdaloisiosports@gmail.com or by calling (909) 226-7768.