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Central Missouri Speedway Victories go to Holladay, Martin, Prevete, Schultz, and Ryun!

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(Warrensburg, Missouri) A total of 83 cars signed in for Seeburg Muffler Race Night at Central Missouri Speedway (CMS) on Saturday evening in five classes. The Malvern Bank Super Late Models made their second-ever appearance at CMS and joined the NASCAR Weekly Race series A-Mods, Super Stocks, B-Mods, and Pure Stocks, during a solid night of competition featuring 17 events.

SLMR Late Models began the night with their qualifying session as Friday night winner Tad Pospisil took fast time with a 13.643 second lap. Aaron Marrant and Todd Cooney were second and third in qualifications. The time trials set the stage for the three heat races later in the night.

A-Mods: (12 Cars).
Heat 1 Results: 1. 16S-Kevin Blackburn[1]; 2. 14-Kameron Grindstaff[2]; 3. 29-Dennis Elliott[3]; 4. 17-Rod Cordon[4]; 5. 68-Dean Wille[5]; 6. 7-Anthony Tanner[6].

Heat 2 Results: 1. 75-Gunner Martin[1]; 2. 1K-Tim Karrick[3]; 3. 88-Jimmy Dowell[2]; 4. 82-David Wood[6]; 5. (DNF) 74-Rodney Schweizer[4]; 6. (DNF) 87-Darron Fuqua[5]

Feature Results (25 Laps):
1. 75-Gunner Martin[2]; 2. 16S-Kevin Blackburn[1]; 3. 29-Dennis Elliott[5]; 4. 87-Darron Fuqua[12]; 5. 14-Kameron Grindstaff[4]; 6. 68-Dean Wille[9]; 7. 1K-Tim Karrick[3]; 8. 17-Rod Cordon[8]; 9. 7-Anthony Tanner[10]; 10. 88-Jimmy Dowell[6]; 11. 74-Rodney Schweizer[11]; 12. (DNF) 82-David Wood[7].

Kevin Blackburn and Gunner Martin began the final race of the night from row one for the 25-lap A-Mod feature. Martin quickly shot out to an early race lead over Blackburn and Tim Karrick. By lap seven, Kameron Grindstaff, Karrick, and Dennis Elliott had a fantastic and close battle for the third position as the drivers swapped lanes and positions on the track to the excitement of fans. At lap ten, Martin maintained his lead ahead of Blackburn and Grindstaff. By lap 13, Martin began to lap some cars while Elliott, having one of his best-ever CMS runs, moved into third. Darron Fuqua moved into fourth by lap 16 but Grindstaff battled back and retook fourth the next lap. In a race that went green to checkered in 7 minutes and 15 seconds, Martin was the man to beat as he collected his 13th career CMS win. Blackburn ran a solid second with Elliott third, Fuqua fourth, and Grindstaff fifth.

POWRi Super Stock Results: (15 Cars).
Heat Race 1 Results: 1. 25-Jay Prevete[2]; 2. 10-Marc Carter[1]; 3. 12V-Nathan Vaughn[4]; 4. 09-Chad Eickleberry[5]; 5. 45-Aaron Poe[7]; 6. 7-Brett Wood[6]; 7. 30C-Clayton Campbell[3]; 8. 75-Nathan Williams[8].

Heat Race 2 Results: 1. 04-Cody Frazon[2]; 2. 21W-Ted Welschmeyer[1]; 3. G1-Nick Gibson[4]; 4. 04B-Blaine Ewing[6]; 5. 21-Mark Lewis[7]; 6. 83K-Denny Fitzpatrick[3]; 7. (DNF) 03B-Chris Brockway[5].

Feature Results (15 Laps): 1. 25-Jay Prevete[1]; 2. 04-Cody Frazon[2]; 3. 21W-Ted Welschmeyer[4]; 4. 12V-Nathan Vaughn[5]; 5. 10-Marc Carter[3]; 6. 45-Aaron Poe[9]; 7. 30C-Clayton Campbell[13]; 8. 7-Brett Wood[11]; 9. G1-Nick Gibson[6]; 10. 09-Chad Eickleberry[8]; 11. 21-Mark Lewis[10]; 12. 75-Nathan Williams[14]; 13. 83K-Denny Fitzpatrick[12]; 14. (DNF) 04B-Blaine Ewing[7].

Jay Prevete and Cody Frazon earned front-row starting positions for the 15-lap POWRi Super Stock feature with Frazon leading the opening circuits. Prevete never let the leader sneak too far away and kept Frazon in his crosshairs until he made a move for the lead down the back stretch on lap four. When the pair crossed the stripe, Prevete was the new leader at lap five. A yellow flag slowed the field at lap six with Prevete leading Frazon, Ted Welschmeyer, Nathan Vaughn, and Marc Carter. At lap ten, Carter and Vaughn were racing clean and hard for the fourth position while Prevete maintained his lead over Frazon. At the finish, it was Prevete who collected his first win of the year with Frazon second, Welschmeyer third, Vaughn fourth, and Carter fifth.

B-Mod Results: (17 Cars).
Heat Race 1 Results: 1. 90-Terry Schultz[2]; 2. 27D-Larry Drake[4]; 3. 15S-Kody Bray[6]; 4. 94-Jacob Ebert[7]; 5. 61-Sturgis Streeter[3]; 6. 3-Bronson Wicker[1]; 7. 55-Jimmy Borgmann[8]; 8. 2-Hagen Stevenson[5]; 9. 47W-Terry Wilburn[9].

Heat Race 2 Results: 1. 29-Chris Spalding[2]; 2. 10W-Doug Wetzel[6]; 3. 31-Chris Cain[7]; 4. 75-Sebastian Wolfenbarger[8]; 5. 28S-Bill Small[1]; 6. 9-Don Marrs[4]; 7. (DNF) 05-Jeremy Lile[3]; 8. (DNF) 12JR-Olen Stephens[5].

Feature Results (20 Laps): 1. 90-Terry Schultz[2]; 2. 94-Jacob Ebert[8]; 3. 10W-Doug Wetzel[1]; 4. 61-Sturgis Streeter[9]; 5. 75-Sebastian Wolfenbarger[7]; 6. 9-Don Marrs[12]; 7. 27D-Larry Drake[4]; 8. 3-Bronson Wicker[11]; 9. 2-Hagen Stevenson[14]; 10. 15S-Kody Bray[6]; 11. (DNF) 28S-Bill Small[10]; 12. (DNF) 55-Jimmy Borgmann[13]; 13. (DNF) 47W-Terry Wilburn[17]; 14. (DNF) 12JR-Olen Stephens[16]; 15. (DNS) 05-Jeremy Lile; 16. (DQ) 29-Chris Spalding[3]; 17. (DQ) 31-Chris Cain[5].

Doug Wetzel and Terry Schultz began the 20-lap main event from row one with Schultz quickly darting out to the early race lead. Initially, Chris Spalding ran second with Larry Drake close behind in third. While Schultz began to distance himself from the rest of the field. Spalding closed in by lap eight but yellow slowed the field for a restart. Meanwhile, last week's winner, Jacob Ebert, drove forward despite having his left front wheel damaged. Per the rules, if a driver can maintain control of their car and remain safely competing, they can continue. Ebert pulled to third on the final restart with Schultz leading over Spalding. Just one caution slowed the race as Schultz powered his way to his 68th career CMS win over Ebert, Wetzel, Sturgis Streeter and Sebastian Wolfenbarger. Spalding originally finished second, but his carburetor was declared illegal in post-race technical inspection and he was disqualified from the feature.

Pure Stock Results: (22 Cars).
Heat Race 1 Results: 1. 427-Jeff Hardy[1]; 2. 89-Jonathan Evans[4]; 3. 3B-Darrin Christy[3]; 4. 7K-Karla Lampe[2]; 5. 7-Spencer Reiff[7]; 6. 2B-Brian Cox[6]; 7. 5C-Charles Norman[8]; 8. (DNF) 24-Jimmie Workman[5].

Heat Race 2 Results: 1. 39-James Mirts[1]; 2. 5DJ-D J Barnes[3]; 3. 27-Jason Ryun[6]; 4. 3J-Jerett Evans[5]; 5. 12-Scott Martin[4]; 6. 27H-Edward Kecke[7]; 7. (DNF) 00-Cory Flamm[2].

Heat Race 3 Results: 1. 27X-Brandon Hoover[2]; 2. 4D-David Doelz[4]; 3. 28JR-Gale Harper[1]; 4. 21-Joey Harper[3]; 5. 30K-Cameron Kelly[5]; 6. 87M-Mallory Stiffler[6]; 7. 17-Cory Howard[7].

Feature Results (15 Laps): 1. 27-Jason Ryun[7]; 2. 89-Jonathan Evans[4]; 3. 27X-Brandon Hoover[1]; 4. 4D-David Doelz[5]; 5. 7-Spencer Reiff[13]; 6. 5DJ-D J Barnes[6]; 7. 28JR-Gale Harper[9]; 8. 7K-Karla Lampe[11]; 9. 2B-Brian Cox[16]; 10. 21-Joey Harper[12]; 11. 3B-Darrin Christy[8]; 12. 87M-Mallory Stiffler[17]; 13. 30K-Cameron Kelly[15]; 14. 12-Scott Martin[14]; 15. 3J-Jerett Evans[10]; 16. 27H-Edward Kecke[20]; 17. 5C-Charles Norman[21]; 18. (DNF) 39-James Mirts[3]; 19. (DNF) 427-Jeff Hardy[2]; 20. (DNF) 00-Cory Flamm[18]; 21. (DNF) 24-Jimmie Workman[19]; 22. (DNF) 17-Cory Howard[22].

Brandon Hoover and Jeff Hardy began the 15-lap main event on row one, but it was fourth-starting Jonathan Evans who took command early on. Evans pulled away in the early laps but a third of the way into the race, Hardy went too high in turn four on the berm and slow rolled over bringing out the red flag. He was uninjured in the roll-over but retired to the pits. Lat week's winner, Jason Ryun, quickly moved forward after the restart and began closing in on the leader with Evans leading Ryun and Hoover. Lap-after-lap Ryun closed on the leader as the two built up a sizeable lead with under five laps remaining. In the closing laps Ryun found his way to the front with an inside move off turn two and held on for his second-consecutive victory of the season in a close win over Evans. Hoover ran a strong third with David Doelz and Spencer Reiff closing out the top five.

SLMR Late Model Results: (21 Cars).
Qualifying: 1. 04-Tad Pospisil, 00:13.643[19]; 2. 1X-Aaron Marrant, 00:13.792[6]; 3. 30-Todd Cooney, 00:13.803[21]; 4. 85-Josh Leonard, 00:13.826[9]; 5. 14-Kyle Berck, 00:13.882[1]; 6. 53-Andrew Kosiski, 00:14.084[10]; 7. 98-Ben Schaller, 00:14.084[20]; 8. 1J-Jesse Sobbing, 00:14.087[14]; 9. 24-Bill Leighton, 00:14.131[15]; 10. 22C-Charlie McKenna, 00:14.226[4]; 11. 65-Jon Binning, 00:14.257[11]; 12. 76-Zach Zeitner, 00:14.286[5]; 13. 32C-Chad Holladay, 00:14.325[16]; 14. 52-Brian Kosiski, 00:14.332[13]; 15. 26JR-Corey Zeitner, 00:14.351[8]; 16. 4-JC Wyman, 00:14.399[3]; 17. 56W-Gary Webb, 00:14.408[12]; 18. 15C-Curt Schroeder, 00:14.413[2]; 19. 1-Jake Neal, 00:14.517[17]; 20. 45-Dan Battaglia, 00:14.822[7]; 21. 44-Troy Daly, 00:14.822[18].

Heat Race 1 Results: 1. 32C-Chad Holladay[2]; 2. 22C-Charlie McKenna[3]; 3. 4-JC Wyman[1]; 4. 98-Ben Schaller[4]; 5. 04-Tad Pospisil[6]; 6. 1-Jake Neal[7]; 7. 85-Josh Leonard[5].

Heat Race 2 Results: 1. 52-Brian Kosiski[2]; 2. 14-Kyle Berck[5]; 3. 56W-Gary Webb[1]; 4. 1X-Aaron Marrant[6]; 5. 65-Jon Binning[3]; 6. 1J-Jesse Sobbing[4]; 7. 45-Dan Battaglia[7].

Heat Race 3 Results: 1. 26JR-Corey Zeitner[2]; 2. 15C-Curt Schroeder[1]; 3. 30-Todd Cooney[6]; 4. 24-Bill Leighton[4]; 5. 53-Andrew Kosiski[5]; 6. 76-Zach Zeitner[3]; 7. 44-Troy Daly[7].

Feature Results (30 Laps): 1. 32C-Chad Holladay[3]; 2. 14-Kyle Berck[4]; 3. 1X-Aaron Marrant[5]; 4. 22C-Charlie McKenna[1]; 5. 30-Todd Cooney[2]; 6. 85-Josh Leonard[13]; 7. 04-Tad Pospisil[6]; 8. 1J-Jesse Sobbing[14]; 9. 24-Bill Leighton[11]; 10. 98-Ben Schaller[10]; 11. 1-Jake Neal[19]; 12. 53-Andrew Kosiski[9]; 13. 52-Brian Kosiski[7]; 14. 26JR-Corey Zeitner[8]; 15. 56W-Gary Webb[17]; 16. 65-Jon Binning[15]; 17. 76-Zach Zeitner[18]; 18. 15C-Curt Schroeder[12]; 19. 44-Troy Daly[21]; 20. 4-JC Wyman[16]; 21. 45-Dan Battaglia[20].

Charlie McKenna and fellow Iowa driver Todd Cooney earned front-row starting spots for the SLMR 30-lap main event. McKenna was quick from the start and grabbed the lead over Cooney and Chad Holladay in the early laps. Last year's winner of this event, Aaron Marrant moved to fourth by lap five. By lap seven, Holladay began to reel in the leader and at lap nine took command of the race. A series of cautions flew just shy of the halfway point while all the time Holladay maintained his lead on each ensuing restart. With ten laps remaining, multiple-time series champion Kyle Berck moved to the second spot, overtaking McKenna for the position while Marrant and Cooney maintained fourth and fifth. With five laps remaining, Marrant gained one more position to move to third while Holladay ran strong to the finish to claim his first-ever SLMR victory. Behind the leader at the line were Berck, McKenna, Marrant, McKenna and Cooney.

Next week is Rick Beebe Heating and Air Conditioning Night, featuring NASCAR Weekly Racing #4 with A-Mods, POWRi Super Stocks, B-Mods, Pure Stocks, and guest class POWRi Lightning Sprints. NASCAR-licensed pit passes at $30 each, non-licensed $35, regardless of age. General Admission is $15 for Adults, Active-Duty Military and Senior Citizens aged 65 to 72 $12, Kids 6 to 12 years old $6, five and under free, 75 and older and individuals permanently confined to a wheelchair are free in the grandstands. Pit gates open at 4:30, followed by grandstand admission at 5, driver pill draw cutoff at 6:15 (no passing points if driver is a late check-in), pit meeting at 6:30, hot laps at 7, and racing at 7:30.

CMS is actively seeking business partners and sponsors for the season. Find out how your business can have a presence at the track by sponsoring a race night, an event, or a car class. You will have a presence on our Website and social media pages, plus the weekly driver's roster, track announcements, and track signage. If interested in partnering with us, contact Susan Walls at 816.229.1338. No calls after 8 p.m. please.

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2020 CMS Business Partners: Cliff Harris Warrensburg Ford, Midwest Coatings, Budweiser, Pepsi, Comfort Inn Warrensburg, KMMO FM 102.9, Seeburg Mufflers, Joslin Jewelry, Rick Beebe Heating and Air Conditioning LLC, KMZU The Farm, Miller Lite, World Finance, Heartland Waste, RacinDirt.com, DQ Grill & Chill of Warrensburg, Kleinschmidt's Western Store, OK Tire Stores, Zaxby's Absolutely Craveable Chicken, OK Wheel Alignment, JA Performance and Outdoor Services, Alternative Wire and Cable, MFA Oil, Gator Graphics, Blue Springs Truck Line, Big O Tires of Warrensburg, and Eickleberry Concrete & Construction.

Upcoming Events:
May 8th - Race #4 - Rick Beebe Heating and Air Conditioning Night - Weekly Racing 4 - AM, SS, BM, PS, LS
May 15th - Race #5 - Special Event, POWRi War Sprint League, plus AM, SS, BM, and PS
May 22nd - Race #6 - KMZU 100.7 The Farm Radio Race Night - Weekly Racing 6 - AM, SS, BM, PS
May 29th - Race #7 - (Saturday) Memorial Day Weekend Night 1 - Lightning Sprint Nationals Begin.
A-Mod Qualifying and $500-to-win Scramble, plus Super Stocks, B-Mods & Pure Stocks
May 30th - Race #8 - (Sunday) Memorial Day Weekend Night 2 - Seeburg Muffler Race Night.
Lightning Sprint Finale. $3,000-to-win A-Mods. Also running B-Mods and Super Stocks