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'Racing Recollections' details stories of Plymouth Dirt Track racers, fans

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(PEDAL DOWN PROMOTIONS) April 14, 2022 - The diverse and intriguing collection of strong personalities, memorable characters and dedicated individuals who have played a role in accentuating the sounds, sights, color and excitement of the sport of dirt track racing over the course of the past 70-plus years at The Plymouth Dirt Track in Plymouth, Wis. serve as the centerpiece of the new motorsports book "Racing Recollections - Plymouth Racetrack Fans & Drivers 1950-2021" from Pedal Down Promotions.

After releasing "70 Years of Plymouth Dirt Track Racing - Covering the 1950 through 2020 Seasons" in 2021, Eastern Wisconsin Stock Car Racing Historian Dennis Darovich of Sheboygan, Wis. and Plymouth Dirt Track Racing Historian George Baumann of Waupun, Wis. have teamed up with former Eastern Wisconsin Stock Car reporter Verla Peichl of Sheboygan Falls, Wis. to showcase the drivers, fans, workers, pit crew members, car owners and racing enthusiasts, who have helped to make dirt track racing a beloved summertime pastime at the Sheboygan County Fairgrounds in Plymouth, Wis. for the past 72 years.

Published by Pedal Down Promotions of Manitowoc, Wis., "Racing Recollections" features 120 pages of profiles and backstories from each decade of The Plymouth Dirt Track's history, as well as wide selection of nearly 100 color and black and white photos, which bring the side-by-side racing action to life in vivid detail.

"Readers will find interviews from 1997 through 1999 of drivers at Plymouth, along with interviews conducted between 1999 through 2002," Darovich said. "Also included are responses from officials, drivers and fans to a 2021 questionnaire. While the majority of the focus is on those that competed at and attended races regularly at Plymouth, there is also information from other area tracks, including 141 Speedway, Cedarburg Speedway, Hales Corners Speedway, Slinger Speedway, Wisconsin International Raceway and other tracks in the Milwaukee area. There are also many new and unique recollections from a wide range of fans, race officials and car builders.

"In addition, a special section of this book covers the Sheboygan Speedway and legends specials at Wisconsin International Raceway," he said. "Many different drivers were included in 'Racing Recollections,' such as John Born, John Kraemer, Dave Deicher, Mark Johnson, Bob Brion, Dean Bares, Rick Van Der Vart and Dick White to name a few. Photos were contributed by John Surges of Vintage Modified Stock Car, RC Custom Design, Frank Motorsports, Bob Diener, Tom 'T.J.' Ott, Jerry Giebler, Sheri and Marla Nytes and the book contains an alphabetical listing of driver photographs. Bill Mueller also contributed his typing and proofreading talents to the book, along with writing the foreword."

Just as it did with last year's "70 Years of Plymouth Dirt Track Racing" book, Plymouth Dirt Track Racing is a strong supporter of the "Racing Recollections" book project with additional backing coming from the family of Tom "T.J." Ott, Impress Floor Care, Hopf Farms and Doug's Skip'er Inn.

In addition to being on sale for $15 during 2022 racing events at The Plymouth Dirt Track at the Sheboygan County Fairgrounds in Plymouth, Wis., "Racing Recollections - Plymouth Racetrack Fans & Drivers 1950-2021" is also available in e-book and paperback formats on barnesandnoble.com and amazon.com.

"Racing Recollections - Plymouth Racetrack Fans & Drivers 1950-2021" can also be purchased at the Sheboygan County Fair Office, located at 229 Fairview Drive in Plymouth, Wis. Monday through Friday, during regular business hours.

Additional information on Plymouth Dirt Track Racing and the upcoming 2022 PDTR racing season can be found at www.plymouthdtr.com.

For more information, contact Pedal Down Promotions via email at pedaldownpromotions@gmail.com, by phone at 920-323-7970 or by visiting www.pedaldownpromo.com.