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Tom Steuding Memorial

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Menomonie, Wisconsin, on May 13, 2022, the Dirt King Late Model Tour invaded the Red Cedar Speedway for the Tom Steuding Memorial presented by 715 Ag Supply and Ron Prochnow Family Farms. The WISSOTA Modifieds, Super Stocks, and Midwest Modifieds, were all in attendance. Winners on the evening included Ashley Anderson, Jesse Redetzke, Cole Chernosky, and AJ Diemel.

The complete rundown of the Dirt Kings racing action can be seen at dirtkingstour.com, but let's just say James Giossi had a very solid run, starting 19th on the field and finishing fifth; the first car a lap down. AJ Diemel and Chad Mahder both drove away from the crowd and battled through heavy lapped traffic in the 24-car starting field. Mahder pressured Diemel, but Diemel was too tough as they ran the ultra-high line around the speedway. Nick Anvelink and Nick Panitzke were the only other cars on the lead lap when the checkered flag flew.

The WISSOTA Modifieds ran two heats which were topped by Alex Van Natta and Adam Hensel and the feature saw Ashley Anderson claw his way from sixth on the field to carry the checkered flag in the 20-lap event. It was Van Natta early as Shane Halopka was charging forward using the high line. Anderson ran the middle groove as he closed into third and jumped up high to overtake second. A quick caution slowed the pace, and back under green, Anderson swept into the lead and didn't look back.

Adam Hensel moved up from seventh position and was able to drive by Halopka against the wall and then set off to track down the leader. Hensel did close on Anderson, but with two laps remaining he appeared to jump what little cushion remained in turn three and Anderson regained his advantage. Anderson flashed home for his first win of 2022 as Hensel followed him to the finish line. Halopka finished third as Cory Williams and Daniel Bargender rounded out the top five.

It was a high line night for the WISSOTA Super Stocks, and that is exactly where Jesse Redetzke shines. Redetzke is good anywhere on the track, but given the high line he is very difficult to beat in the Dan Arneson owned 207. Brandon Clemens led early from the drop of the green, and he put up a battle to remain in the lead after a handful of laps, but Redetzke was coming. A caution flag slowed the pace momentarily and Redetzke used the restart to take the lead, first by a nose, and then with distance once he had Clemens cleared.

There were a few more cautions which kept the leader close and at one point, Kyle Copp was using the low line and closing the gap quickly. The final caution put him on Redetzke's tail, but Redetzke was just too good. Ben Hillman was strong throughout the race but came on impressively and he raced his way to second. Terran Spacek also found his way past Copp into third as Clemens rounded out the top five. The heats were topped by Redetzke and Spacek.

Cole Chernosky drove all the way from Canada to race, and all the way from sixth on the grid to win the WISSOTA Midwest Modified feature. It was Will Moelter from the pin to lead the first several laps when a yellow flag bunched the field. The restart saw Kennedy Swan driving below the leader and taking the point as she was challenged by a fast Nick Ayotte. Swan lost a drive shaft in turn four, slowed quickly, and the cars behind her stacked up. Ayotte was called at fault by tack officials, and Swan's night was done.

Moelter was relegated back to the lead, and he was challenged by Jesse Bryan for the front. A strong Travis Anderson got clipped on the front stretch and was sent hard into the retaining wall, ending his night as it was Moelter who was called with the foul. Chernosky found himself in the lead for the first time and he was solid out front. Shadow Kitchner used the high groove to ty to run him down and pass him but was not able to make the moves stick.

There too were caution flags keeping the racing field bunched but Chernosky was solid all the way to the checkered flag. Jesse Bryan used the low line to overtake Kitchner and finish runner up. 14th starting Tanner Gehl and 13th starting Tyler Lamm had excellent runs rounding out the top five. The top two finishers were also the heat winners on the evening.

The Red Cedar Speedway returns to racing on May 20, 2022, with the WISSOTA Race of Champions Qualifier Night, Track Gives Back: CVTC Mechanic Program, and Meet the Driver's Night. Racing is sponsored by Dirt Track Specialties and Menomonie Transportation with the WISSOTA Late Models, WISSOTA Modifieds, WISSOTA Super Stocks, WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds, WISSOTA Street Stocks, and RCS Hornets all in action. There will also be the May 06 Late Model make up feature.

WISSOTA MODIFIEDS - Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 81-Ashley Anderson[6]; 2. 44-Adam Hensel[7]; 3. 3JR-Shane Halopka[4]; 4. W-Cory Williams[5]; 5. 10-Daniel Bargender[8]; 6. 19J-Jack Rivord[3]; 7. 41-Alex Van Natta[1]; 8. 71-AJ Roschen[10]; 9. 22-Brandon Copp[9]; 10. 621-Colin Chaschuk[11]; 11. 27P-Parker Anderson[12]; 12. (DNF) 27H-Steve Hallquist[2]

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 41-Alex Van Natta[1]; 2. 3JR-Shane Halopka[4]; 3. 10-Daniel Bargender[3]; 4. 27H-Steve Hallquist[5]; 5. 22-Brandon Copp[6]; 6. 621-Colin Chaschuk[2]

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 44-Adam Hensel[1]; 2. W-Cory Williams[2]; 3. 81-Ashley Anderson[4]; 4. 19J-Jack Rivord[3]; 5. 71-AJ Roschen[5]; 6. 27P-Parker Anderson[6]

WISSOTA SUPER STOCK - Feature 1 (18 Laps): 1. 207-Jesse Redetzke[5]; 2. 22JR-Ben Hillman[3]; 3. 22T-Terran Spacek[8]; 4. 26-Kyle Copp[4]; 5. 71-Brandon Clemens[1]; 6. 22-Dan Nissalke[2]; 7. 20*-Andrew Davis[11]; 8. 7-Andrew Mackey[7]; 9. 2F-Jeffrey Frey[13]; 10. 14L-Dylan Leu[9]; 11. 00-Jason Quarders[10]; 12. (DNF) 55-Ron Mahder[6]; 13. (DNF) 37-John Garrity[12]

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 207-Jesse Redetzke[1]; 2. 22-Dan Nissalke[7]; 3. 71-Brandon Clemens[2]; 4. 55-Ron Mahder[4]; 5. 14L-Dylan Leu[5]; 6. 20*-Andrew Davis[6]; 7. (DNS) 2F-Jeffrey Frey

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 22T-Terran Spacek[2]; 2. 26-Kyle Copp[4]; 3. 7-Andrew Mackey[5]; 4. 22JR-Ben Hillman[6]; 5. 00-Jason Quarders[1]; 6. (DNF) 37-John Garrity[3]

WISSOTA MIDWEST MODS - Feature 1 (18 Laps): 1. 33C-Cole Chernosky[6]; 2. 21B-Jesse Bryan[5]; 3. 68-Shadow Kitchner[8]; 4. 2G-Tanner Gehl[14]; 5. 89L-Tyler Lamm[13]; 6. 26-Sean O'Brien[2]; 7. 7-Travis Hallquist[9]; 8. 03X-Bob Carver Jr[11]; 9. 61-Andrea Keeney[15]; 10. 89-Matt Klukas[12]; 11. (DNF) 89X-Kolby Reed[16]; 12. (DNF) 04N-Nick Ayotte[7]; 13. (DNF) 21-Reese Schlosser[10]; 14. (DNF) 87-William Moelter[1]; 15. (DNF) 37-Travis Anderson[4]; 16. (DNF) 18S-Kennedy Swan[3]

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 21B-Jesse Bryan[2]; 2. 37-Travis Anderson[6]; 3. 87-William Moelter[1]; 4. 26-Sean O'Brien[8]; 5. 7-Travis Hallquist[3]; 6. 03X-Bob Carver Jr[5]; 7. 89L-Tyler Lamm[7]; 8. 61-Andrea Keeney[4]

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 33C-Cole Chernosky[1]; 2. 68-Shadow Kitchner[6]; 3. 04N-Nick Ayotte[5]; 4. 18S-Kennedy Swan[4]; 5. 21-Reese Schlosser[2]; 6. 89-Matt Klukas[7]; 7. 2G-Tanner Gehl[3]; 8. (DNF) 89X-Kolby Reed[8]

DIRT LATE MODELS - Tom Steuding Memorial Main (30 Laps): 1. 58-AJ Diemel[1]; 2. 55M-Chad Mahder[4]; 3. 15-Nick Anvelink[5]; 4. 22-Nick Panitzke[7]; 5. 11-James Giossi[19]; 6. 3-Brett Swedberg[8]; 7. D1-Turk Letizia[2]; 8. 81-Troy Springborn[11]; 9. 5-Luke Postl[3]; 10. 70-Justin Ritchie[15]; 11. 89-Brad Mueller[6]; 12. 21-Todd Frank[16]; 13. 21F-Gunner Frank[17]; 14. 7C-Jim Carlson[9]; 15. 7-Joel Bennett[12]; 16. T18-Steve Laursen[21]; 17. 03-Kyle Raddant[14]; 18. 66-Ron Berna[10]; 19. 9Z-Jayme Zidar[23]; 20. 9N-Tom Naeyaert[13]; 21. 92-Aaron Wilson[20]; 22. 99-Sawyer Specht[18]; 23. 65-Jake Miller[24]; 24. 14-Robbie Johnson[22]

Pro Power Racing Heat 1 (10 Laps): 1. 5-Luke Postl[2]; 2. 3-Brett Swedberg[3]; 3. 89-Brad Mueller[7]; 4. 81-Troy Springborn[6]; 5. 9N-Tom Naeyaert[1]; 6. 21-Todd Frank[4]; 7. 92-Aaron Wilson[5]; 8. (DNS) 65-Jake Miller

Sunoco Race Fuels Heat 2 (10 Laps): 1. 22-Nick Panitzke[1]; 2. 15-Nick Anvelink[7]; 3. 66-Ron Berna[4]; 4. 7C-Jim Carlson[8]; 5. 03-Kyle Raddant[3]; 6. 21F-Gunner Frank[5]; 7. T18-Steve Laursen[6]; 8. 14-Robbie Johnson[2]

Wehrs Machine Heat 3 (10 Laps): 1. 58-AJ Diemel[6]; 2. D1-Turk Letizia[5]; 3. 55M-Chad Mahder[7]; 4. 7-Joel Bennett[2]; 5. 70-Justin Ritchie[4]; 6. 99-Sawyer Specht[1]; 7. 11-James Giossi[8]; 8. 9Z-Jayme Zidar[3]