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(Lakeside, CA, May 18, 2022) Sexton Gatlin Racing made a shambles of the proceedings by sweeping the podium when the Lucas Oil Southwest Lightning Series visited Barona Speedway last Saturday night. Dalton Sexton returned to victory lane for the second time in 2022 and he was followed home by teammates David Bezio and Brent Sexton.

Dalton Sexton on his way to the wingless main event win at Barona. Missy Benker photo.

Missing from the squad on Saturday night was 2021 SWLS champion Grant Sexton. The 17-year-old took the night off to attend his high school prom. When his seat became open, Bezio gladly stepped in for his young friend.

The domination of the Lakeside, California team began in the heat races. Dalton was on the pole and captured the first heat. Heat two saw Brent off the pole with Bezio alongside. Showing no respect for the boss, Bezio was the first to the checkered flag with Brent in the runner-up spot.

For the 20-lap main event, Dalton was starting on the inside of the third row in his Sexton Fire Protection/BK Wings/Troy Dirt/Victory Graphix/Swift Powdercoat/Maxima Oil/Infiniti Shocks/Scotty and Jimmy Keys #18. Bezio was starting next to him in fourth with Brent in fifth.

Dalton immediately drove into second as soon as the race started. Bezio and Brent settled into fourth and fifth. Dalton became embroiled in a war for the lead that raged on for several laps before he secured the spot. Once out front, he was unchallenged the rest of the way.

Bezio and Brent had to work harder for their top-three finishes. They were still fourth and fifth before Bezio picked off two cars just past the halfway point to take over second. Brent was still mired in fifth when the fourth-place driver tapped the car in third and sent it spinning. With nowhere to go, Brent slid to a stop. It looked like he and the car that was hit would have to go to the back. However, track officials penalized the car that started the incident and sent it to the rear. Brent and the other car involved were allowed to restart and move up one spot from where they were (due to the offending car being sent to the back). That put Brent in fourth.

The race restarted with a handful of laps to go, and Dalton ran away from the pack once again and picked up his first win since March 4th at Imperial Valley. Bezio placed second for the second time in 2022. Brent fought his way into third as time was running out giving SGR the top-three sweep.

Dalton's win propelled him back into the point going into the June 8th race at Barona. Brent is second, only 21-points behind his firstborn. Bezio is third, 34-points behind Dalton. Grant is eighth.

SGR was initially headed to Missouri next week for the POWRi Lightning Sprint Nationals. However, with the price of fuel through the roof, they have decided to skip that trip. Instead, they are attempting to get Grant's 360 sprint car ready for a debut with the USAC/CRA Sprint Cars in the historical "Salute To Indy" at Perris Auto Speedway.

Sexton/Gatlin Racing would like to thank the following companies for making the 2022 season possible. Sexton Fire Protection, BK Wings, Troy Dirt, Victory Graphix, Swift Powdercoat, Maxima Oil, Infiniti Shocks and an extra special thanks to Scotty and Jimmy Keys.

Plans are already underway for another busy season in 2022. If you or your business wants to partner up with one of the most visible Lightning Sprint teams on the West Coast, please call (619) 454-6945. You can also E-mail mailto:sextonfire@cox.net or mailto:sextonfire@gmail.com.

Sexton Gatlin Racing 2022 Schedule

2022 Lucas Oil POWRi Southwest Lightning Sprint Car Series Schedule

March 5 Imperial Valley Raceway POWRi Wingless - Dalton 1st - Brent 7th - Grant 15th

March 6 Imperial Valley Raceway POWRi Wingless - Brent 1st - Dalton 3rd - Grant 4th

March 25 Bakersfield Speedway CLS Winged

Grant 1st - Brent 8th - Dalton 17th

April 16 Ventura Raceway VRA Sprints Wingless

Grant 1st

April 23 Imperial Valley Raceway POWRi Wingless

Bezio 3rd - Brent 4th - Dalton 5th

April 30 Barona Speedway POWRi Winged

Grant 1st - Brent 4th - Dalton 5th

May 14 Barona Speedway POWRi Wingless

Dalton 1st - Bezio 2nd - Brent 3rd

June 8 Barona Speedway POWRi Winged

June 25 Barona Speedway POWRi Winged

July 9 Barona Speedway POWRi Wingless

July 14 Deming Speedway (Clay Cup) Open Winged

July 15 Deming Speedway (Clay Cup) Open Winged

July 16 Deming Speedway (Clay Cup) Open Winged

August 11 Minkota Nationals POWRi Winged

August 12 Minkota Nationals POWRi Winged

August 13 Minkota Nationals POWRi Winged

August 14 Minkota Nationals POWRi Winged

Sept. 14 Perris Auto Speedway (with USAC/CRA) POWRi Winged

October 1 Barona Speedway POWRi Winged

October 8 Mojave Valley Raceway POWRi/CLS Winged

October 13 Lemoore Raceway (California Cup) Open Winged

October 14 Lemoore Raceway (California Cup) Open Winged

October 15 Lemoore Raceway (California Cup) Open Winged

October 23 Imperial Valley Raceway POWRi Wingless

October 24 Imperial Valley Raceway POWRi Wingless

Nov. 15 Bakersfield Speedway BCRA/CLS Winged

Nov. 17 Petaluma Speedway BCRA/CLS Wingless

Nov. 18 Petaluma Speedway BCRA/CLS Wingless

Nov. 19 Petaluma Speedway BCRA/CLS Wingless

This release was produced by Scott Daloisio. Contact (909) 226-7768 mailto:sdaloisiosports@gmail.com