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Written by profile picture on 2020-08-10 02:30

I have a 4yr old boy who loves cars and racing. Im looking for things to take him to that are not too far from Waterloo, IA. PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME GIVE A LITTLE BOY SOME FREEDOM TO SEE CARS SINCE PANDEMIC

  • Hello and thank you for posting to We have a page that will help you find the nearest tracks. Go to put in your location and the distance you are willing to drive and a list of tracks and their potential race dates are listed.

    Each race track info page will have a 'track website >' button or 'track facebook page >' button. Those buttons will take you to the dirt track's official website or their facebook page. They will hopefully have information about their current schedule and visitor restrictions. If there are no link buttons, we unfortunately have not found official internet sites for that specific dirt track.

    Wish you and your boy all the best!

    Written by Dirt Fan profile picture Dirt Fan on 2020-08-10 06:54

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