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Dirt track racing is the most extreme and exciting of all motorsports and it is great for the whole family. There are dirt track races going on at raceways and speedways all over the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and elsewhere. Dirt track racing is about going fast, throwing dirt, and being the first to the finish line in a wide range of vehicles such as sprint cars, midgets, modifieds, late models, stock cars, dwarf cars, and motorcycles.

dirtFan.com is a website for everyone interested in dirt track racing. dirtFan.com is the best website for finding nearby dirt tracks and getting a list of upcoming dirt track races. Get the latest dirt track racing videos, photos, news, and more!

Dirt Track Racing

Dirt track racing is motorsport racing on an oval, or circular-ish, shaped clay / dirt surfaced track. Dirt track racing started shortly after motorized vehicles became available. Around World War I dirt track racing started happening at horse racing tracks.

Dirt track racing is the most popular form of auto racing. There are hundreds of local and regional racetracks throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and elsewhere. Some of the dirt track racing vehicles include sprintcars, midgets, modifieds, late models, stock cars, dwarfs, and motorcyles.

Reason for dirtFan.com

Finding dirt track races is the reason dirtFan.com was created. While growing up, my father would take my brothers and I to dirt track races in Wisconsin. Wilmot Raceway (formerly Speedway) was our local dirt track.

After growing up and moving around, I was living in Oregon and remembered the awesome sport known as dirt track racing. It took some effort but I found some nearby dirt tracks - Sunset Speedway and River City Speedway. Had a great time at both.

I then moved to Los Angeles California and had to find a new local dirt track to spend some enjoyable evenings - watching dirt fly and race car drivers doing all they can to be first to the checkered flag. I was very lucky to find Ventura Raceway and Perris Auto Speedway. Both amazing race tracks if you ever get a chance.

While out there I realized I probably am not the only person with the problem of finding some dirt track races due to moving, traveling, etc. So I created dirtFan.com to hopefully make it much easier to find some dirt track racing in your area.

While living in Virginia I found Potomac Speedway and Virginia Motor Speedway to both be great dirt tracks for some great dirt track racing. My current local track is now Bridgeport Speedway just outside Philadelphia, it is another great dirt track. Haven't found a dirt track I don't like. I am a huge fan of close dirt track racing, not sure who will win till the last corner - edge of your seat motorsports!

I must add that if you ever have the chance, you really need to go to the Chili Bowl races in January in Tulsa Oklahoma. It is a great week of indoor dirt track racing with midget drivers of all abilities. A must for all dirt track racing fans!

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