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Nick Anvelink Crowned King

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Beaver Dam, WI - Nick Avenlink was crowned King of the WABAM Dirt Kings Late Model Tour Wisconsin Triple Crown at Beaver Dam Raceway. Earlier in the night, Anvelink earned the Champ Pans Fast Qualifier Award with the fastest lap of 15.550 seconds. Anvelink won Ken's Sports Inc. Heat Race 3 and earned a spot in the re-draw, starting outside the front row in the 30-lap A-Main. Mitch McGrath and Anvelink led the field to the green flag, with McGrath taking the lead as Mike Mullen challenged Anvelink for second place. Caution slowed the field for a few times in the opening laps of the Wisconsin Triple Crown. McGrath was able to hold off challenges on the restarts from Mullen and Anvelink. Mullen challenged on the inside of McGrath for the lead on lap nine and ten with McGrath maintaining his lead. McGrath continued to pace the field at the halfway point with Mullen and Anvelink a full second behind.

Caution slowed the field for one final time with thirteen laps to go. McGrath led the field to the green flag as Anvelink charged to the outside as they raced into turn one. Anvelink had the advantage on top and took the lead. Anvelink continued to the lead the field stretching his lead to 2.142 seconds over McGrath.

Anvelink finished 1.893 seconds ahead of McGrath, followed by Brett Swedberg, Mullen, and Jayme Zidar. The win was Anvelink's first WABAM Dirt Kings Late Model Tour victory of the season and took home $2000 thanks to Seubert Calf Ranches and Galloping Ghost Motorsports.

Wisconsin Triple Crown (30 Laps): 1. 15-Nick Anvelink[2]; 2. 74-Mitch McGrath[1]; 3. 3-Brett Swedberg[6]; 4. 99M-Mike Mullen[3]; 5. 9Z-Jayme Zidar[13]; 6. 89-Brad Mueller[5]; 7. 7-Joel Bennett[15]; 8. 42N-Paul Niznik[10]; 9. 66-Ron Berna[7]; 10. 07-Cory Crapser[12]; 11. 51-Chris Oertel[11]; 12. 99-Sawyer Specht[22]; 13. (DNF) D1-Turk Letizia[8]; 14. (DNF) 77-Bill Edler[19]; 15. (DNF) 70-Justin Ritchie[9]; 16. (DNF) 55-Joe Bongiorno[14]; 17. (DNF) 25-Jared Siefert[16]; 18. (DNF) R1-Randy Manos[18]; 19. (DNF) 5-Lukas Postl[21]; 20. (DNF) 01-Josh Breese[23]; 21. (DNF) 81-Troy Springborn[4]; 22. (DNF) 35X-Parker Foster[17]; 23. (DNS) 24S-Jayden Schmidt

Autoworx Heat 1 (10 Laps): 1. 74-Mitch McGrath; 2. 81-Troy Springborn; 3. 25-Jared Siefert; 4. 99-Sawyer Specht; 5. 9Z-Jayme Zidar; 6. 42N-Paul Niznik; 7. 66-Ron Berna; 8. 77-Bill Edler

Klink Equipment Heat 2 (10 Laps): 1. 99M-Mike Mullen; 2. 89-Brad Mueller; 3. 24S-Jayden Schmidt; 4. D1-Turk Letizia; 5. 35X-Parker Foster; 6. 51-Chris Oertel; 7. 55-Joe Bongiorno; 8. 01-Josh Breese

Ken's Sports Inc. Heat 3 (10 Laps): 1. 15-Nick Anvelink; 2. 3-Brett Swedberg; 3. 07-Cory Crapser; 4. 7-Joel Bennett; 5. 70-Justin Ritchie; 6. 5-Lukas Postl; 7. R1-Randy Manos

Autoworx Qualifying 1: 1. 74-Mitch McGrath, 00:15.629[2]; 2. 81-Troy Springborn, 00:15.711[3]; 3. 25-Jared Siefert, 00:15.810[1]; 4. 99-Sawyer Specht, 00:16.014[7]; 5. 9Z-Jayme Zidar, 00:16.108[4]; 6. 42N-Paul Niznik, 00:16.224[8]; 7. 66-Ron Berna, 00:16.401[6]; 8. 77-Bill Edler, 00:16.537[5]

Klink Equipment Qualifying 2: 1. 99M-Mike Mullen, 00:15.558[1]; 2. 89-Brad Mueller, 00:15.914[3]; 3. 24S-Jayden Schmidt, 00:16.169[8]; 4. D1-Turk Letizia, 00:16.306[2]; 5. 35X-Parker Foster, 00:16.543[4]; 6. 51-Chris Oertel, 00:16.688[6]; 7. 55-Joe Bongiorno, 00:17.042[5]; 8. 01-Josh Breese, 00:17.067[7]

Ken's Sports Inc Qualifying 3: 1. 15-Nick Anvelink, 00:15.550[7]; 2. 3-Brett Swedberg, 00:15.789[2]; 3. 07-Cory Crapser, 00:16.080[3]; 4. 7-Joel Bennett, 00:16.223[5]; 5. 70-Justin Ritchie, 00:16.286[6]; 6. 5-Lukas Postl, 00:16.418[4]; 7. R1-Randy Manos, 00:17.199[1]

The battle for the lead: Nick Anvelink (15), Mitch McGrath (74), Mike Mullen (99).

Mitch McGrath (74) stretches his lead over Mike Mullen (99).

The battle for the lead: Mitch McGrath (74), Nick Anvelink (15) and Mike Mullen (99)

The traditional 4-wide salute to the fans who braved the cold at Beaver Dam Raceway.

Wisconsin Triple Crown at Beaver Dam Raceway

Chris Oertel (51) was the Sunoco Race Fuels Rookie of the Race.

Mitch McGrath (74) was the Ken's Sports Inc Pole Award Winner for the Wisconsin Triple Crown.

Nick Anvelink (15) wins the Wisconsin Triple Crown at Beaver Dam Raceway.

Photos by C-Marq Photography and Black Flag Photography

Quick Facts about the Beaver Dam Raceway


Track: Beaver Dam Raceway - Beaver Dam, WI

Track Size: 1/3 mile dirt track

# of laps: 30

# of cars: 23

Total Purse: $14,605

Allstar Performance Hard Charger Award: Sawyer Specht

Autoworx Clean Move of the Race: Nick Anvelink

Autometer Certificate: Brett Swedberg

Behling Racing Products Certificate: Turk Letizia

Champ Pans Fast Qualifier: Nick Anvelink

Freedom Synthetics / Amsoil Certificate: Brad Mueller

Ken's Sports Pole Award: Mitch McGrath

Keyser Manufacturing Hard Luck Award: Justin Ritchie

Speedwerx Performance Exhaust Headers Award: Nick Anvelink

Sunoco Rookie of the Race: Chris Oertel

Wehrs Machine Certificate: Nick Anvelink

Wilwood Lucky 13: Turk Letizia

2024 WABAM Dirt Kings Late Model Tour Championship Standings







































after round 2 of 16

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