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Check out all the latest dirt track racing photos - pictures of the dirt track racing action happening at dirt tracks all over the globe.

Dirt Track Racing Photos

Dirt track racing photographers are amazing. You will see atleast a few at each dirt track. They do a great job of capturing the amazing dirt track racing action and getting glamour shots of each race car to hopefully sell to the dirt track racer, racer team, or one of their fans.

Besides capturing all the extreme racing action they also are instrumental at recording the history of dirt track racing action at each dirt track. I was able to get some photos of my childhood favorite racer at Wilmot raceway (not speedway) in the 1980s.

When you have a chance I suggest checking out the dirt track racing photos at your local dirt track. Maybe the photographer has a photo of you favorite racer or makes a yearly calendar that would be a great addition to your wall at home.

Thank you for visiting the dirtFan.com list of dirt track racing photos and please contact us if we are missing any dirt track racing photos. Thank you.