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WISSOTA - WISSOTA Racing Association

The WISSOTA Promoters Association was founded in 1981 by eight track promoters in Wisconsin and Minnesota, with intent to offer uniform rules for the promoters and drivers involved in the Late Model division. Soon, the group decided to do the same for the growing Modified division.
In 1984 a voluntary steering committee was formed to oversee the business aspects that developed and to guide the future of WISSOTA's racing divisions. That steering committee evolved into a board of directors, and the non-profit racing organization became incorporated in 1986.

WISSOTA's currrent membership includes approximately 55 race tracks in the region of Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Ontario, Alberta and Manitoba. These member tracks present weekly programs that feature one or more WISSOTA division as well as the region's most-recognized, highest paying and long-standing special events.

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