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Dirt Tracks

Dirt tracks are an amazing place to spend some time. You can find dirt tracks all over the place, usually in just a little out of the way areas. The dirt track staff are always friendly and happy to see you come through the gate to watch the dirt track races or race yourself.

There is nothing like heading out to the dirt track in the mid-afternoon. Usually park somewhere on the grass or dirt area outside the grandstands entrance. Go early so you can find a great seat for the afternoon / evening of dirt track racing.

Always buy a program so you can get to know the latest news of the track, find out more about the night's schedule, and get to the know the driver's names and race numbers. After claiming my seat and getting the racing program I then head to the vendor area to see what kind of food I can get and what kind of dirt track racing products are available.

Watching the dirt track racing practice before the real races start is a great way to see which racers have good car control. It will help you know who to watch when the real races start. If you are lucky you may end up sitting near some regulars that can give you pointers on who to watch. You might even make some new dirt track friends.

If the track does 50/50 raffle, that is a fun thing to also be a part of. As the night of dirt track racing progresses, it is interesting to feel the excitement and energy of the place grow. You can usually pick out big racer fans or family members because they will be yelling and making large arm movements as the races are happening.

Have a great time at the dirt track races. Bring family and friends. Tell others so this sport can continue to entertain and support those who like to go fast and race on the edge!

Thank you for visiting the dirtFan.com list of dirt tracks and please contact us if there are any tracks missing or need some adjustment.