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URC - United Racing Club

The United Racing Club is a traveling 360 sprint car organization run by racers for racers. The Club's concept was started in 1947 and was very successful for over 50 years. Now, the Club makes its return to the racing world in 2015 and the idea is that the group will be governed by its racers. The car owners and drivers that make up the general membership will once again vote on what they believe is in the best interest of the Club as a whole. The decisions on rules, structure and even leadership will be made by the people who support the Club and have a vested interest in its existence.

The United Racing Club strives to give the racers what they want. We know the racers want to be heard and have their opinions considered. United Racing Club is making its return because we know this is what drivers want from an organization. We pride ourselves on keeping the club running with the opinions and thoughts of our drivers.

The United Racing Club, "it's your club, it's racing the way you want it". That's not just a tag line in a logo. That's a concept that we all believe in and that's why the United Racing Club will be around for another 50 years. See ya at the races!

URC - United Racing Club Dirt Track Racing Schedule

Schedules are known to change without warning, double check with race track before heading out.

Sat, Jun 22

Wed, Jul 3

Sat, Jul 27

Fri, Aug 23

Fri, Sep 6

Sat, Sep 7

Sat, Sep 21

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