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POWRi - Performance Open Wheel Racing Inc

Performance Open Wheel Racing, Inc. is a St. Louis area based sanctioning body for National Midgets and 600cc Outlaw Micro Sprints.


  • Lightning California
  • Lightning Midwest
  • Lightning Movieland
  • Lightning Rocky Mountain
  • Micro 1-44 Speedway
  • Micro 600CC Outlaw
  • Micro Gulf Coast Speedway
  • Micro Lonestar 600S
  • Micro Louisiana 600S
  • Micro Port City Raceway
  • Midget BCRA
  • Midget Division II
  • Midget National
  • Midget RMMRA
  • Midget Valley Outlaw
  • Midget West
  • Sprint Border Tour
  • Sprint Lake Ozark
  • Sprint Movieland
  • Sprint Northern Renegade
  • Sprint UMSS
  • Sprint United Rebel
  • Sprint Vado 305 Wing
  • Sprint Valley
  • Sprint War
  • Sprint Warrior
  • Sprint Wildcard

Dirt Track Racing Schedule

We currently have no race schedule information for POWRi - Performance Open Wheel Racing Inc. Please check back later.

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